The Latest on Deadpool 3

DEADPOOL, from left: Brianna Hildebrand, Ryan Reynolds, 2016. ph: Joe Lederer / TM & copyright © 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved. / courtesy Everett Collection

Since Disney’s acquisition of Fox, many have wondered if and when we will be getting another movie with Deadpool. The merc with a mouth last appeared in Deadpool 2, which was another big success for Fox. Here is the latest on the next movie.

“It’s like the big leagues”: Ryan Reynolds confirms ‘Deadpool 3’ underway with Marvel Studios

Ryan Reynolds Says Deadpool 3 Is Currently in Development: ‘We’re Working on It Right Now’

Ryan Reynolds Confirms ‘Deadpool 3’ Is In The Works

So not only is Deadpool 3 on the way, it is currently being worked on!

One of the most exciting things from this news is that the whole team is returning to work on the sequel, so we should get the same quality release whenever it comes out. We have yet to see if this will be connected to the MCU or what is going on there, but it sure is an exciting time to be a Marvel fan!