Senator Ted Cruz Picks Fight With Actor Ron Perlman. Congressman Jim Jordan is A Coward

Jim Lo Scalzo Bloomberg - Getty Images

Texas Senator Ted Cruz seems to have his priorities mixed up.

Instead of focusing his efforts on any number of things, such as:

He instead seems more interested in picking fights with celebrities on Twitter to defend Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan – the man who turned a blind eye to the sexual assault and molestation taking place on his own wrestling team by the team doctor, Richard Strauss, for years.

Even though Cruz took to Twitter to challenge actor Ron Perlman to a wrestling match. He wasn’t actually offering to wrestle and beat up on Perlman himself. No. He was suggesting that Congressman Jordan would handle Perlman inside of five minutes.

Regardless of whether Jordan is a fantastic wrestler or not, when he was faced with a situation that required legitimate courage, he showed absolutely none.

He could have helped sexually abused students escape from a situation that should never have taken place, let alone go on for as long as it did to begin with. Instead he opted to turn his back on those victims of sexual abuse and helped cover up the crimes for the sexual predator by remaining silent.

There have been countless former OSU wrestlers who have gone on record saying that Jordan knew of the abuse and did nothing to stop it. There was an independent report commissioned by the university, which concluded last year, that explicitly states Strauss “sexually abused at least 177 male student-patients” for nearly 20 years – between 1979 and 1998.

Think about that. The university, at the very least, had heard whispers of gross misconduct by a staff member spanning multiple decades and did nothing to stop it, let alone investigate. Jordan coached at Ohio State from 1986 – 1994. For the eight years Jordan coached at OSU he remained silent about the abuse and steadfast in his denials of knowledge of any incident of abuse.

A statement released by Jordan’s congressional office in 2018 said, “Congressman Jordan never saw any abuse, never heard about any abuse, and never had any abuse reported to him during his time as a coach at Ohio State.”

Jordan has also gone so far as to hire a PR firm to help him come out and strongly deny any wrongdoing or knowledge on his part. The sexual abuse carried out by Strauss was considered an ‘open secret’ in the athletic department and Jordan, along with other department staff, knew about it according to former players.

However, multiple players have come out and unequivocally stated that Jordan knew of the abuse.

Mike DiSabato was one of three former OSU wrestlers who have openly accused Strauss of sexual abuse. Speaking with The Columbus Dispatch he said, in relation to whether Jordan knew or didn’t know, “He knew, did know, and it’s very disappointing that he has now denied knowledge, not once, but twice. I’ve never known Jim Jordan to be a coward, frankly, but this shows that his own interest in seeking higher office is more important than the health, safety and wellbeing of his friends and athletes who competed for him and with him.”

DiSabato, along with two other former wrestlers, claimed it was “common knowledge” that Strauss touched students inappropriately and frequently showered with them, according to NBC News.

One of the other wrestlers, Dunyasha Yetts, told NBC they (the wrestlers) had repeatedly reported the abuse claims to Jordan.

“I remember I had a thumb injury and went into Strauss’ office and he started pulling down my wrestling shorts,” he said.

Yetts claims to have told Jordan immediately after the incident, and Jordan, along with former OSU head wrestling coach Russ Hellickson, allegedly spoke with Strauss right away.

Before DiSabato went public with these allegations, he says he spoke with Jordan and that the congressman told him to “please leave me out of it.”

This is what Cruz felt was more worthy of his time than any number of other pressing issues our country, and his home state of Texas, faces in any given moment right now. Defending a man who remained silent and turned a blind eye to sexual assault and molestation by a pedophile. That doesn’t seem like a very worthy cause to me.

Then again, are we to expect anything better from someone who worships at the altar of the man who insulted his wife, his faith, and insinuated his father had something to do with the assassination of President Kennedy?