Dozens of Shootings in Chicago on Memorial Day

Members of the Chicago Fire Department transport a person who was stabbed at the scene where four people were stabbed near the intersection of West 77th Street and South Union Avenue in the Gresham neighborhood during the Memorial Day weekend Sunday May 24, 2020 in Chicago. (Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune)

Chicago has had it deadliest Memorial Day weekend in 4 years. 48 people were shot over the course of the weekend, 10 of those were fatal wounds. The police also recovered over 200 illegal firearms and made 86 arrests connected to gun violence. This was not a mass shooting, this was not a targeted large scale event, this was individual acts of violence around the city. “The effect of the coronavirus also goes beyond hospitalizations,” said David Brown, Chicago Police Commissioner. “People are feeling restless after being cooped up for weeks.” The city attempted to lessen the expected violence over the weekend by sending mediators into hot spots in the Chicago area, but based on the numbers it does not seem to have worked.

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