Prosecution Rests in Harvey Weinstein Trial


Two weeks, 28 testimonies and multiple graphic accounts of unwanted and aggressive sexual advances and the prosecution rests on the case against Producer Harvey Weinstein. The charges against Weinstein are five counts of rape, criminal sexual act and predatory sexual assault are on based on the testimony of Miriam Haley who claims that he forced oral sex on her in 2006. Four other accusers have come forward and have now all testified, with some cross examinations take more than three days. The defense began calling witnesses for the defense on Thursday, athough Weinstein is not slated to be called to the stand at any point during the trial.

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First witness for the defense claims Harvey Weinstein is a sex addict

Witness makes disparaging remarks about accusers, calling them a “dogpile of women.”

Writer with connection to the case writes SVU episode based on the Weinstein case