Kevin Spacey Resurrects Frank Underwood in Holiday Video


Kevin Spacey has breathed additional life into the iconic political gangster character Frank Underwood from House of Cards once more. Posting a video to his YouTube channel, Spacey in all his South Carolina accent might wishes everyone a happy holiday and encourages us all to “kill” our critics “with kindness.”

It was exactly one year ago that Spacey posted another video, which was widely received as creepy, given the legal issues he faced at the time. Allegations of sexual assault, groping of a minor, and other accusations made at the Oscar winning actor have followed him since news first broke.

Earlier this year, U.S. prosecutors did drop the charges against Spacey for allegedly groping a teenager at a bar in 2016, which Spacey denied doing.

Other media outlets are calling this year’s holiday video featuring Spacey as Frank Underwood “creepy”, “uncomfortable”, and “bizarre.”