2019 Holiday Gamer Gift Guide

christmas gifts

The holidays can be difficult for many people. How do you go about buying the right gifts for someone? Gamers can be some of the most difficult people to shop for, especially if you are not entrenched in the culture yourself. For the people that have a hard time finding the right gifts for your gamer friends, kids, or relatives here is a list of items to keep an eye out for this holiday season.


Of course, gamers love games. Let’s start with some of the biggest releases in 2019 that should be on your list.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

modern warfare

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

2019 brought a reboot to the iconic Modern Warfare sub-series in Call of Duty. The game is a brilliant return to form for the shooter series that changed gaming over a decade ago. The campaign focuses on the idea that in war there is not always a black or white solution. There is a lot of gray areas. For the first time in a while, a Call to Duty campaign feels like a feature to the game besides an add-on to the multiplayer.

As for the multiplayer, it also is a fun time. The classic modern-day combat returns and feels as good as ever. For the first time, you can enable crossplay with players on other platforms, and all-new maps and DLC will be free.

Call of Duty is always one of the best selling games of the year. If you are having trouble finding a gift for someone, Modern Warfare is a safe purchase they will enjoy.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

star wars

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

The Star Wars games have been disappointing in the last decade. Respawning, the makers of Titanfall and Apex Legends turn that around with their release of Jedi: Fallen Order.

Taking place between Episodes III and IV in the movies, you play as Cal Kestis. Cal survived the Emporer Palpatine’s Order 66 and is on the run currently. When he is found out to be a Jedi padawan, he must better his connection to the force and become stronger.

Jedi: Fallen Order is the best Star Wars game of the current console generation. While there isn’t much competition there, it needs to be on your gift list for any Star Wars fan.

Pokemon Sword/Shield


Platform: Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Sword and Shield are the first mainline games in the series to be playable on a home console. The newest Pokemon adventure takes place in the Galar region, an area based on England.

Gameplay in Sword and Shield largely are in line with past games in the series. Catch Pokemon, battle them, become champion. New features include Dynamax battles, where your Pokemon transforms into a giant Kaiju-like version of itself, and the Wild Area, which is a constantly changing area to catch new Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are the first true Pokemon games on the Switch are very exciting for fans of the series. If you want to learn more about my thoughts on the game, check out my review. Whether you are a kid or adult, Pokemon is always a great gift to receive in the holiday season.

The Outer Worlds

outer worlds

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

No game has better writing in 2019 than The Outer Worlds. The developer Obsidian Entertainment put so much time and effort into making this space colony come to life and succeeded in almost every way.

The game plays much like a Fallout game. It is a first-person RPG where you can upgrade either physical, mental, or verbal skills to get you through each situation. Most problems can be solved either by fighting your way out or talking it out. It all depends on your preference. Outer Worlds is a great gift because of the personality dripping from the adventure. Replayability is also very high on the game to see how you can handle situations differently.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

luigis mansion 3

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Luigi’s Mansion is a popular Nintendo series that made its debut on the Gamecube. It later received a sequel on the 3DS and a port of the original on the 3DS as well.

The third entry in the series takes everything from the past games and betters it. Luigi’s ghost hunting is enhanced in multiple ways. A new model of the Poltergust allows him to bash enemies. Gooigi is a doppelganger that allows the game to have cooperative play, so there is no need to play alone.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 brings the Mario spinoff series to the Switch in a grand way. All floors of the building you explore are unique and fun. It is a game you do not want to forget to gift this holiday season.

Sega Genesis Mini

sega genesis mini

Our final entry on this list is not a single game, but in fact, a classic console made with 40 games built right in. Calling back on the magic of “Genesis does what Nintendon’t,” the Sega Genesis Mini is a callback to the early 90’s machine that gave Sega a name in the video game industry. Over the last few years, Nintendo has found great success with their NES and SNES Classic consoles, so Sega putting their name in the market makes sense.

Games on the console include Sonic the Hedgehog, Toe Jam & Earl, Castlevania: Bloodlines, and more classic 90’s games. It also comes with two controllers, so there is no need to go out and purchase another for your multiplayer buddy. The console is made by Sega, so no shoddy third-person development like with past Sega classic consoles.

The Sega Genesis Mini is the perfect Christmas gift for any 90’s gamer who grew up with Sonic the Hedgehog and Earthworm Jim. The games hold a special form of nostalgia for anyone that grew up playing them. Play through these classic games with them to rebuild those memories.


Accessories are going to be one of the key ways to ensure you are playing at the top of your game. Faulty equipment can take the best experiences and make them not so great. Here are some of the best accessories you can buy for someone.


Controllers are the number one part of gaming experience the player is connected to. You are directly inputting commands into it, so you are going to want the absolute best controller.

First, let’s start with the PlayStation 4. The Dualshock 4 controller is a reliable controller that is very popular with gamers this generation. There are many different colors you choose from with the newest colors of electric purple, red camo, rose gold, and titanium blue in the image below.

dualshock 4

On the Xbox One, there are quite a few more options. The Gears 5 controller is just one of the multiple new controllers Microsoft has released recently. Aside from that you can also find sports red, phantom white, and a Fortnite purple controller. If you want a custom experience, you can go to Xbox Design Labs and create your custom controller from the color to including your gamertag on the controller itself.

For the very top of the line controller, you are going to want the Elite Series 2 Controller. While it is very pricey, you are not going to find a better controller on the market. You can swap out the control sticks and d-pad with different parts included with your purchase. You also can completely customize the inputs on the controller to fit the way you want to play. It is also is the first Xbox One controller with a built-in rechargeable battery and comes with its charger. While the price is quite hefty, this will be the ultimate Christmas gift for any Xbox fan.

elite series 2

On the Nintendo Switch, your choices are going to be largely based on the color joycon you want. The newest colors include purple and orange or neon yellow and blue. If you find them, you will also be able to find a watermelon pink and green, all yellow, or more combinations of colors. Away from the joycon, the pro controller is still one of the best choices for the Switch. It has yet to receive a prize cut, but the controller has a very positive reception and is a high-quality gaming pad.



There are too many quality headsets on the market to list all of them here. At the very top, you will find the Astro A50. This headset is very comfortable, puts out brilliant sound quality, and comes with a mixamp. However, you will almost be paying the price for a console for this headset.

astro a50

On the cheaper side of things, the Turtle Beach Stealth 700, SteelSeries Arctis 1, PDP Lvl 50, Astro A20, and HyperX Cloud Revolver S are just a few select headsets you can find for less than $100. Be sure to do some research before buying any headset, though.