Mayor of Seoul Found Dead on Mountainside

A forensic team carry the body of Seoul mayor Park Won-soon after rescue teams discovered his body following reports that he had been missing since earlier the previous day, in Seoul on July 10, 2020. - Missing Seoul mayor Park Won-soon -- long seen as a potential South Korean presidential candidate -- has been found dead, Yonhap news agency reported police as saying. Park was reportedly facing allegations of sexual misconduct and his daughter reported him missing on Thursday, police said earlier, adding that he had left his house after saying what sounded like "last words". (Photo by Ed JONES / AFP)

Park Won-soon, mayor of Seoul South Korea and considered the second-most powerful official in the country, was found dead Friday after being reported missing by his daughter the night before. The former human rights lawyer was accused of sexual harassment leading up to his death, which he did not address in a suicide note left at his home.

“I’m sorry to everyone. I thank everyone who has been with me in my life. I’m sorry to my family, to whom I only caused pain. Bye everyone.”

According to his former secretary, the accuser in the harassment case, he engaged in inappropriate workplace talk and actions, notably making her hug him in the bedroom attached to his official office. She also stated that he sent her lewd photos and messages. Park’s death officially closes this harassment case.

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