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YOUR KIND aren't welcome here: Unvaccinated people now treated worse than Blacks in the Jim Crow era as vaccine pushers turn to bigotry and segregation

4 hours ago - 2021-08-05 14:05:40

Biden weaponized covid to invade Texas with infected illegals, Gov. Abbott warns

4 hours ago - 2021-08-05 13:07:46

Media refusing to report that Cape Cod covid outbreak occurred in major LGBT hotspot known for casual homosexual "hookups"

4 hours ago - 2021-08-05 10:36:05

PLoS Biology journal says criticizing Fauci should be a "federal hate crime"

4 hours ago - 2021-08-04 22:13:42

Former president of Planned Parenthood shifts from killing babies to mass murdering everyone; calls for government-forced injections of experimental spike protein shots that are killing people right now (opinion)

4 hours ago - 2021-08-04 22:13:42

Vaccine propaganda BOT FARM catapults Big Pharma lies across social media while those who tell the truth are silenced

4 hours ago - 2021-08-04 22:13:42

Dozens of California communities risk running out of water amid prolonged drought

4 hours ago - 2021-08-04 21:45:54

JOURNO-TERRORISM strikes again: Extreme threats, witch hunt tactics force Dr. Mercola to take down his ENTIRE website, wiping out 25 years of articles on nutrition and wellness

4 hours ago - 2021-08-04 12:11:45

Bombshell: Bill Gates partnered with CCP group to conduct coronavirus gain-of-function research

4 hours ago - 2021-08-04 11:34:45

Pfizer, Moderna boost prices for COVID-19 vaccine, but we always knew the plandemic was going to be a huge cash cow for Big Pharma

4 hours ago - 2021-08-03 22:02:36

Covid mortality risk in children is essentially ZERO, but "scientists" don't care and still want to mask all the kids

4 hours ago - 2021-08-03 22:02:36

New York City says restaurants, gyms must require guests to show proof of covid "vaccination"

4 hours ago - 2021-08-03 22:02:36

The coming Delta lockdown is DESIGNED to invoke nationwide protests so they can be exploited as a backdrop for false flag event to blame "anti-vaxxers"

4 hours ago - 2021-08-03 13:59:51

CNN and Andersen Cooper slapped with $100 million defamation suit over their conspiracy to suppress viable covid treatments

4 hours ago - 2021-08-03 11:29:56

BUSTED: CDC hid studies showing that plenty of Americans use guns every year to legally defend themselves

4 hours ago - 2021-08-03 11:00:51

Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine "protection against virus" drops stunning 84% just four to six months after "fully vaccinated" SECOND DOSE of blood-clotting mRNA injection

4 hours ago - 2021-08-03 11:00:51

Study: People who have recovered from coronavirus retain durable immunity to the disease

4 hours ago - 2021-08-03 09:34:50

Big Tech companies, electric car manufacturers profiting off child labor in Congo

4 hours ago - 2021-08-02 22:04:47

Coca-Cola still using slave labor despite efforts to appear "woke"

4 hours ago - 2021-08-02 22:04:47

US lithium mining projects are not eco-friendly

4 hours ago - 2021-08-02 22:04:47

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