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Nvidia and CD Projekt Red are giving away three Cyberpunk 2077-themed RTX 4090 graphics cards

1 hour ago -

James Earl Jones gives his blessing to AI recreation of Darth Vader voice

6 hours ago -

Latest Nvidia GeForce Experience update fixes Windows 11 22H2 game performance issues

Yesterday -

Amazon tells employees that a software error miscalculated their compensation

Yesterday -

Tesla owner refuses to pay over $21,000 for a new battery, gets locked out of his car

4 days ago -

Instagram working on feature to prevent users from viewing unsolicited nudes

5 days ago -

Privacy survey shows most people read the T&Cs, would sell their personal data

6 days ago -

Microsoft rolls out Windows 11 22H2 update with new Start menu, gaming, and security features

6 days ago -

Russia warns that SpaceX Starlink satellites could become a "legitimate target"

1 weeks ago -

Massive GTA 6 leak with over 90 videos & screenshots posted online by the Uber hacker

2 weeks ago -

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