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Jason Lemon 22 -

Mike Lindell says U.S. "better off" now because people know "how bad" Fox News, Twitter are

2 weeks ago -

Biden starts 2022 trailing Trump by average of nearly 5 points in 2024 election polls

4 weeks ago -

Jim Jordan slammed over House Judiciary GOP tweet claiming COVID boosters don't work

4 weeks ago -

Armed man arrested at Windsor Castle while Queen Elizabeth II at residence for Christmas

5 weeks ago -

Delta Air Lines passengers fight over wearing mask on Christmas Eve flight

5 weeks ago -

GOP introduced more than 260 bills to "subvert" elections after Trump's 2020 loss: Report

5 weeks ago -

Fox News host confronts Trump on praise for China's Xi Jinping: "He's a killer"

last month -

Trump's Houston "History Tour" event sees closed upper section, more empty seats—report

last month -

AOC suggests CRT opponents "accepting of racism" as GOP bills against it pile up

last month -

Republicans preferred by double-digit margin to control congress instead of Democrats: Poll

last month -

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