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  1. justin trudeau
    Apr 07
    Why Pierre Poilievre’s over-the-top attacks on Justin Trudeau is bad for the country
  2. justin trudeau
    Apr 10
    Justin Trudeau to testify at foreign interference inquiry
  3. justin trudeau
    May 01
    Rahim Mohamed: Justin Trudeau goes full tinfoil hat over 'Diagolon'
  4. justin trudeau
    Jun 01
    Some Liberals think Mark Carney could succeed Justin Trudeau. We talked to those who think he’d be a great leader — and others who roll their eyes
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2 days ago -

Trudeau says Russia needs to be accountable for 'genocide' of taking Ukrainian kids

2 days ago -

Trudeau to hold news conference this morning at Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland

2 days ago -

Trudeau to focus on return of stolen children at Ukraine peace talks

3 days ago -

Pope Francis meets with Trudeau, warns leaders to approach AI responsibly

4 days ago -

In the news today: Ukraine to top G7 talks, Canada to send rocket motors to Kyiv

5 days ago -

Trudeau to meet with Macron, Scholz, Zelenskyy as G7 summit gets underway in Italy

5 days ago -

Trudeau heads to Italy as shadows of war in Ukraine, Gaza loom over G7 summit

6 days ago -

Zelensky and WW II Veteran Share Emotional Moment at D-Day Ceremony

2 weeks ago -

Canadian premier remembers Muslim family killed in 'terrorist attack' in 2021

2 weeks ago -

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