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  1. brett favre
    Sep 14
    Author Jeff Pearlman advises fans to not read his biography of Brett Favre after release of text messages
  2. brett favre
    Sep 23
    Brett Favre's Ex-Teammate Appears to Take Shot Over Scandal
  3. brett favre
    Sep 25
    Brett Favre's SiriusXM Show Put 'On Hold' Amid Welfare Fraud Scandal
  4. brett favre
    Sep 26
    Brett Favre continued to pressure for volleyball facility funding even after being told it was possibly illegal, according to new filing - ABC17NEWS
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Texts show Favre requested welfare money for football facility

57 minutes ago -

Brett Favre sacked over major Mississippi welfare fraud scandal

2 hours ago -

The Brett Favre Welfare Case Is About to Take a Nastier Turn

2 hours ago -

Mississippi Welfare Scandal Sparks Calls For Brett Favre To Be Kicked Out Of Football Hall Of Fame

17 hours ago -

Brett Favre temporarily loses SiriusXM radio show over Mississippi welfare fraud scandal

19 hours ago -

Brett Favre told Mississippi governor he would not ‘take No for answer’ over volleyball stadium, court filing shows

19 hours ago -

Brett Favre Loses Radio Shows Amid Widening Mississippi Welfare Fraud Scandal

19 hours ago -

Texts: Favre also sought welfare money for football facility

19 hours ago -

SiriusXM and ESPN suspend Brett Favre programming as welfare scandal intensifies

20 hours ago -

Brett Favre HELPS STEAL from the poor to give to the WEALTHY with MISSISSIPPI WELFARE SCANDAL!

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