Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Kamala Harris makes history! The many identities of the first US woman vice-president; In pictures 1 -
‘India’s daughter’! This is how Kamala Harris’ ancestral villages in India celebrate her US vice president election win 1 -

As Kamala Harris makes history, Twitter creates @SecondGentleman account

Yesterday -

Kamala Harris’ team says it was blindsided by Vogue cover

5 days ago -

Vogue's Kamala Harris cover sparks social-media frenzy: 'What a mess up'

6 days ago -

Video: Biden says Trump's impeachment is up to Congress

6 days ago -

Kamala Harris accused of plagiarizing MLK anecdote in October interview with Elle magazine

2 weeks ago -

Coast Guard searching for driver after semitrailer crashes off bridge

3 weeks ago -

Man barricades himself inside southeast Fresno home after attacking family member, police say

3 weeks ago -

Kamala Harris gets coronavirus shot on TV to boost US vaccine confidence

3 weeks ago -

COVID-19 'ate her through,' say parents of 18-year-old killed within days of contracting virus

3 weeks ago -

'We have dead children': 5 deaths reported after magnitude 6.3 earthquake hits Croatia

3 weeks ago -

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