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Tristan Greene 35 -

Did Elon Musk forget about OpenAI or is he just trolling his dumbest fans?

4 days ago -

Why giving AI ‘human ethics’ is probably a terrible idea

6 days ago -

The NFL is crowd-sourcing feckless AI solutions to its concussion problem

2 weeks ago -

Google's betting big on quantum in 2022

2 weeks ago -

How brain-computers could make the Matrix real

2 weeks ago -

A tech forecast for the future of conservative social media

3 weeks ago -

How metaverse avatars could level the playing field for remote workers

3 weeks ago -

Maricoin: Anatomy of a cryptocurrency scam

3 weeks ago -

Scientists say social interaction is ‘the dark matter of AI’

3 weeks ago -

TNW's best quantum computing and physics stories from 2021

5 weeks ago -

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