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Thomas Macaulay 39 -

This AI lets you generate new verses from your favorite rappers

2 days ago -

Web’s daddy jumps aboard NFT hype train — but is he already too late?

5 days ago -

Google Chrome is testing two new features for tab addicts

6 days ago -

Watch a 360-degree video of Mars captured by the Perseverance Rover

6 days ago -

Study: People are more likely to exploit trustworthy AI than other humans

2 weeks ago -

Yo, plastic soup! These tiny swimming bots are coming to destroy you

2 weeks ago -

AI picks the most valuable footballers in Europe’s top 5 leagues

2 weeks ago -

How hackers have manipulated Twitter’s trending algorithm for years

2 weeks ago -

Facebook says Trump’s ban could end before 2024 presidential election

3 weeks ago -

EU unveils plans for digital ID wallet for accessing services across the bloc

3 weeks ago -

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