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Sarah Perez 32 -

Facebook takes on TikTok with a new, vertical-first video player

2 weeks ago -

@Potus just joined the fediverse via Instagram Threads

3 weeks ago -

Spotify's Audiobooks will get their own 'Countdown Pages' to tease upcoming new releases

last month -

Anti-AI sentiment gets big applause at SXSW 2024 as moviemaker dubs AI cheerleading as 'terrifying bullsh**'

last month -

Bluesky is funding developer projects to give its Twitter/X alternative a boost

last month -

AI fraud detection software maker lays off 40% of staff

last month -

Apple will make it easier to move to Android by fall 2025

last month -

Apple terminates Epic Games developer account calling it a 'threat' to the iOS ecosystem

last month -

Google takes aim at SEO-optimized junk pages and spam with new search update

last month -

Spotify calls Apple's €1.84B antitrust fine a 'powerful message,' but cautions that the next steps matter

last month -

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