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Pam Key 75 -

Lara Trump: Former President 'Shocked' by FBI Raid -- Should Shake Americans 'to Their Core'

23 hours ago -

GOP Rep. Mace Argues for Abortion with Limits -- 'Handmaid's Tale Was Not Supposed to Be a Road Map'

Yesterday -

Barr: DOJ 'Taking a Hard Look' at the Group at the Top, Including Trump

3 days ago -

Mika Brzezinski: Republicans' Core Values Are 'Repugnant,' They Stand for Rapists, Racists

4 days ago -

Liz Cheney Claims January 6 Probe Will Present 'Much More' Information at Fall Hearings

4 days ago -

Graham: Terrorists 'Welcomed in Afghanistan' After U.S. Departure

5 days ago -

Watch: Manchin Repeatedly Declines to Endorse Dems Keeping Control of Congress

2 weeks ago -

Manchin: Biden ‘Absolutely’ Deserves Credit for $739B Tax and Climate Bill

2 weeks ago -

Howard Dean Predicts Dems Could Win 8 Senate Seats; Says Young Women Will Vote in Droves over Abortion

2 weeks ago -

Van Jones: Biden’s Doing Great --- 'If You Just Erase the Past Six Months of Nutty Stuff'

2 weeks ago -

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