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Melanie Wingo 14 -

Newly eligible teenagers line up for mass vaccination clinic in Sacramento

4 days ago -

'It's a roller coaster': Parents juggling work, kids' school schedules

6 days ago -

'We're priced out.' Sacramento-area rental homes in short supply

3 weeks ago -

Water saved for 'not so rainy days' to be used this year

3 weeks ago -

'It doesn't end here': Hundreds gather for AAPI support caravan, rally

4 weeks ago -

Families share post-COVID-19 vaccine reunions: 'Be safe so other people can do this'

last month -

'Literally saving lives': COVID-19 vaccine volunteers reach Oak Park community

last month -

Zeroing in on California ZIP codes in need of vaccine access, information

last month -

COVID-19 vaccine clinic volunteers in Yolo County eligible for shots in exchange for service

last month -

Up to 90,000 second-dose vaccination appointments through Sutter in jeopardy

last month -

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