Friday, May 29, 2020
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Ken Lemon 29 -
Ken Lemon, 4 - News Staff, Ken Lemon 2 -

17-year-old girl critically injured in shooting outside Cramerton Burger King

2 days ago -

Gaston County leader pushes businesses to violate governor’s order

1 weeks ago -

North Carolina pastor files lawsuit to allow indoor church services to resume

3 weeks ago -

DMV worker at Eastridge Mall in Gastonia tests positive for COVID-19

3 weeks ago -

Pastor group sues NC governor to reopen indoor religious services

3 weeks ago -

Small businesses in Gastonia may not reopen again

3 weeks ago -

Restaurants eager to know if they can ever run at full capacity

3 weeks ago -

Cleveland County comes together for ‘park and parade’ to honor health care workers

4 weeks ago -

‘She is all heart’: Local nurse on the road to recovery after contracting COVID-19

5 weeks ago -

Drivers line up for miles, wait hours for huge packages of frozen chicken

5 weeks ago -

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