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Kelly Jones 57 -

Yes, Congress decides who lies in state or in honor

4 days ago -

No, whistleblowers are not guaranteed immunity, but do have some protections

2 weeks ago -

No, a draft of the Maricopa County election audit didn’t say the results should not be certified

4 weeks ago -

No, a funeral home didn’t advertise ‘don’t get vaccinated’ on a truck. It was a stunt to encourage vaccination

5 weeks ago -

No, it is not an ethics violation for politicians to attend the Met Gala

last month -

Fact-check: Video claiming to show Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez telling people to alter death certificates is misleading

last month -

Yes, there is a vetting process for Afghan refugees coming into the US

last month -

No, the US did not leave military service dogs in cages at Kabul airport like viral posts claim

last month -

No, this photo of gridlocked traffic was not taken from Louisiana ahead of Hurricane Ida

last month -

No, this graphic does not show the 13 service members killed in Afghanistan. It’s actually from 2017

last month -

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