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Kelly Jones 71 -

Yes, IRS job description was edited to remove ‘deadly force’ requirement

Yesterday -

No, WHO’s director general did not say he wasn’t vaccinated during an interview

2 weeks ago -

No, Alex Jones can’t appeal $49M verdict because of ineffective counsel. Here’s why

2 weeks ago -

No, these viral videos of firing drills and warplanes weren’t from Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

2 weeks ago -

No, there haven’t been any monkeypox deaths reported yet in the U.S.

3 weeks ago -

Yes, the U.S. has swapped prisoners with Russia before

3 weeks ago -

Yes, the Choco Taco has been discontinued

3 weeks ago -

Yes, the Internal Revenue Service did buy nearly $700K in ammunition in early 2022

5 weeks ago -

Yes, a 10-year-old did travel from Ohio to Indiana for an abortion due to Ohio’s abortion ban

last month -

No, guns aren’t completely banned in Japan, but they are strictly regulated

last month -

Execution: 9.58 Seconds. 117.07 mb used.

Total Execution Time: 9.58 sec.