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Kay Lazar 7 -

Threats of termination convince many hesitant hospital workers to get COVID vaccine, but thousands of holdouts remain

1 weeks ago -

The disease bleaches the color from their skin. Now, people with vitiligo debate whether to treat or embrace their condition

last month -

This COVID-19 treatment works, but how to get it? Hospitals are sprinting to keep up with demand

last month -

A stark choice: COVID-19 fall forecasts show deaths increase, but toll depends on path taken

August 2021 -

Vaccinated people can spread the Delta variant. But experts disagree whether those without symptoms should be tested

August 2021 -

Younger and unvaccinated: The new face of COVID-19 hospitalizations in Massachusetts

August 2021 -

Medical leaders call for mask requirements, stronger action against COVID-19 in Mass. schools

July 2021 -

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