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Acclaimed journalist Carl Bernstein says US democracy 'ceased to be working well' before Trump was elected

4 hours ago -

Bernie Sanders says Senate Republicans are 'laughing all the way to Election Day' over the lack of votes on consequential legislation

5 hours ago -

Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate David Perdue proposes an election police force to investigate voter fraud

9 hours ago -

Trump says he will 'never' endorse Republican Doug Ducey if the Arizona governor jumps into the state's 2022 Senate race

2 weeks ago -

Kamala Harris team looking to reboot her political trajectory after first-year stumbles: report

2 weeks ago -

Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin nominates Trump's former EPA administrator to become the state's natural resources secretary, fueling an outcry from Democrats

2 weeks ago -

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam says he's 'sick and tired' of his government being criticized for the I-95 traffic pileup that left hundreds stranded for hours

3 weeks ago -

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, a top foil for Democrats who pledged to only serve for two terms, poised to run for reelection to a third term: sources

3 weeks ago -

Twitter permanently suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene's account for spreading COVID-19 misinformation

3 weeks ago -

Manchin 'refused' to take White House call as top Biden officials sought to 'head him off' before tanking the Build Back Better bill on Fox News: report

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