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Jay Peters 62 -

Facebook streamlines the settings page on mobile

Yesterday -

Amazon’s new MMO delayed for the fourth time, but this time by just one month

Yesterday -

Street Fighter’s Guile and Cammy are coming to Fortnite

Yesterday -

Apple launches big redesign of its online store

Yesterday -

Microsoft’s newest Xbox controller is a dazzling blue and has rubber side grips

2 days ago -

Let’s all finally post a fleet

3 days ago -

Google soon won’t let you sign in on very old Android devices

3 days ago -

Leaked Galaxy Watch photos show Samsung and Google’s new smartwatch OS on an actual device

4 days ago -

Here are the latest accusations Activision Blizzard employees have leveled at the company

6 days ago -

Elon Musk and Apple deny wild story that he tried to replace Tim Cook

6 days ago -

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