Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Asked why Black Americans are killed by police, Trump responds, "So are White people"

2 hours ago - cbsnews.com

Trump rally that was planned for this weekend in New Hampshire is postponed

4 days ago - cbsnews.com

Fauci says U.S. is not "doing great" on coronavirus compared to other countries

4 days ago - cbsnews.com

Trump criticizes CDC guidelines for reopening schools as "very tough & expensive"

6 days ago - cbsnews.com

3 Democrats are running to challenge Congressman Jeff Van Drew, who became Republican after impeachment vote

1 weeks ago - cbsnews.com

Republican National Convention will test Jacksonville attendees daily for coronavirus

1 weeks ago - cbsnews.com

Watch live: Trump to deliver 4th of July remarks in "Salute to America" event

2 weeks ago - cbsnews.com

Ousted U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman to testify before Congress in closed-door session

2 weeks ago - cbsnews.com

Former presidential candidate Herman Cain hospitalized with COVID-19

2 weeks ago - cbsnews.com

Fauci warns U.S. could see 100,000 new coronavirus cases per day

2 weeks ago - cbsnews.com

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