Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Frederic Lardinois 83 -

Microsoft now lets you bring your own data types to Excel – TechCrunch

Yesterday -

Microsoft announces its first Azure data center region in Taiwan – TechCrunch

2 days ago -

Pulumi raises $37.5M Series B for its cloud engineering platform – TechCrunch

2 days ago -

MachEye raises $4.6M for its business intelligence platform – TechCrunch

2 days ago -

Panoply raises $10M for its cloud data platform – TechCrunch

3 days ago -

Freshworks (re-)launches its CRM service – TechCrunch

4 days ago -

Render raises $4.5M for its DevOps platform – TechCrunch

2 weeks ago -

Google Maps launches a new developer solution for on-demand ride and delivery companies – TechCrunch

2 weeks ago -

Wrike launches new AI tools to keep your projects on track – TechCrunch

2 weeks ago -

Secureframe raises $4.5M to help businesses speed up their compliance audits – TechCrunch

2 weeks ago -

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