Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Doug Smith 46 -
Doug Smith and Benjamin Oreskes, Los Angeles Times 1 -

The Raptors still have eight games before the NBA playoffs, but ‘everybody is ready’

7 hours ago - thestar.com

How Kyle Lowry, the Raptors’ undisputed alpha male, helped write the rules for the NBA’s return

Yesterday - thestar.com

Keeping it together mentally will be a major challenge for athletes across the spectrum

Yesterday - thestar.com

The transformation of Marc Gasol puts the Raptors in even better shape for the NBA’s restart

2 days ago - thestar.com

Life on the NBA's campus may not be perfect but we don't need to hear minor complaints

4 days ago - thestar.com

Raptors buckle up for a wild Disney ride that might not end till October

6 days ago - thestar.com

Dealing with positive tests, some TV plans and the risk of playing; all in the weekend mail

2 weeks ago - thestar.com

How do three sports leagues all lose their minds at the same time?

2 weeks ago - thestar.com

Raptors keep it simple in the bubble before the bubble

2 weeks ago - thestar.com

Will the NBA's opt-out deadline have any long-term implications?

3 weeks ago - thestar.com

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