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David Meyer 40 -

As the climate crisis deepens, it's time to focus on adaptation

11 hours ago -

We don't know enough about the Delta variant, but we're finding out more every day

Yesterday -

Spirit Airlines cancels hundreds of flights over two-day period

3 days ago -

The Fortune Global 500 list illustrates pandemic effects, China's rise and fossil fuel's decline

3 days ago -

YouTube suspends Sky News Australia over COVID-19 videos

4 days ago -

'Long COVID' hits mental health and ability to work

3 weeks ago -

Germany's flood disaster comes at a politically crucial moment

3 weeks ago -

Are the COVID booster shots good science—or just greed?

4 weeks ago -

Didi crackdown: China tech stocks now flat compared to surging U.S. peers

4 weeks ago -

Rare case shows it may be possible to get two COVID variants at once

4 weeks ago -

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