Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Dan Noyes 7 -

Retired Oakland cop attended US Capitol riot, OPD internal affairs investigation underway

7 hours ago -

'Tear gas everywhere': CA Proud Boy's video of US Capitol riot could be used as evidence against group

1 weeks ago -

2 doctors plead guilty in connection to COVID-19 antibody test fraud case against South Bay biotech company

2 weeks ago -

'Hot Cop of the Castro' speaks exclusively to ABC7 I-Team about starting new life after jail

5 weeks ago -

East Bay Regional Parks suspends shooting cats after I-Team investigation

last month -

Trump supporter in Santa suit uses knife to defend himself from Antifa members at Sacramento rally

last month -

I-TEAM: Owner of Silicon Valley lab faces federal fraud charges, accused of filing more than $69M false COVID-19 test claims

last month -

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