Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Nursing homes facing financial crisis during pandemic

5 weeks ago - wcjb.com

Gainesville commissioners begin negotiations to cut school resource officer funding

last month - wcjb.com

Gainesville gives local music legend his own day

last month - wcjb.com

Community mourns death of Gainesville parents and children killed in plane crash

last month - wcjb.com

Millions take part in #BlackOutTuesday after George Floyd's death

last month - wcjb.com

UF-inspired group helps startups during the pandemic

last month - wcjb.com

Newberry commissioners reject face mask in emergency meeting

last month - wcjb.com

Putnam man in critical condition at UF Shands after hit and run

last month - wcjb.com

UF grad creates platform to inspire community financial support

last month - wcjb.com

UF Health doctors shocked by man's COVID-19 survival

May 2020 - wcjb.com

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