Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Several airports are offering COVID-19 tests upon arrival. Here's what to expect

2 weeks ago - lakegenevanews.net

Air Canada offers refunds to some passengers with cancelled flights

3 weeks ago - ctvnews.ca

WestJet to lay off more than 3,300 workers under restructuring plan

3 weeks ago - cp24.com

Flying brings new kinds of discomfort

4 weeks ago - startribune.com

Health experts urge caution as big business demands loosening of travel rules

4 weeks ago - thestar.com

Health experts urge caution as business leaders demand loosening of travel rules

4 weeks ago - theglobeandmail.com

Flying now: Not so crowded, not so germy, not so friendly

5 weeks ago - havasunews.com

Longer lines, higher fares and no booze: Flying is about to get more aggravating

5 weeks ago - richmond-news.com

A room with a bleak view: Hoteliers forecast more pain, demand government action

last month - cp24.com

WestJet to offer refunds to some customers

last month - ctvnews.ca

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