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Cara Murez 296 -

Spikes in Blood Pressure Bring Many Americans to the ER

4 hours ago -

Pfizer, Moderna Seek Approval of New COVID Boosters for Kids

20 hours ago -

Freezing Eggs Doesn't Make Future Pregnancy a Done Deal

21 hours ago -

Scent of a Human: What Draws Mosquitoes to People's Skin

Yesterday -

Big Drop Seen in Drug Treatment Admissions During Pandemic

Yesterday -

Reusing Contact Lenses Raises Odds for Rare Eye Infection

2 days ago -

Japan to Drop COVID Restrictions, Ease Entry for Tourists

3 days ago -

4.4 Million Americans Have Gotten Updated COVID Boosters

3 days ago -

Vision Damage May Begin Long Before Type 2 Diabetes Is Diagnosed

4 days ago -

Blood Clot Risk Remains Higher Almost a Year After COVID

4 days ago -

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