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Asha Barbaschow 62 -

Digital Health Agency says My Health Record risk mitigation work on-track

6 hours ago -

Only 50% of WA government entities get a pass mark for infosec

10 hours ago -

AI bias and discrimination aplenty: Australian Greens want Online Safety Bill repealed

5 days ago -

Australia to open digital ID system to private sector with consultation on new legislation

2 weeks ago -

Canberra certifies three data centre providers to store sensitive government data

2 weeks ago -

Australian government looks to make Essential Eight essential

2 weeks ago -

Health highlights challenges with genomic information under current Privacy Act

2 weeks ago -

Apple wants Australia to keep payments regulatory regime as is

2 weeks ago -

COVID-19 vaccine digital certificate coming this week for Australians

2 weeks ago -

Australians spent AU$26.5m in cryptocurrency to pay scammers in 2020

2 weeks ago -

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