Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Apex Legends 19 -

Apex Legends Season 7 trailer shows off new map, vehicles and Horizon abilities

2 days ago -

A strange UFO has appeared in the skies of Apex Legends

5 days ago -

Apex Legends arrives on Steam this November alongside Season 7

1 weeks ago -

Apex Legends Season 7 will bring Steam release, Switch version delayed till 2021

1 weeks ago -

Apex Legends ban spirals out of control, results in death threats

2 weeks ago -

Apex Legends Fight Or Fright: Every New Halloween-Themed Skin

2 weeks ago -

Dataminer discovers clues pointing to Apex Legends Arena Mode

2 weeks ago -

Apex Legends' Latest Patch Removed Wraith's Naruto Run, And Fans Aren't Happy

4 weeks ago -

Apex Legends Patch Notes: Cross-Play Update Changes Wraith And Pathfinder (Again)

4 weeks ago -

Apex Legends dev confirms plans for real-time damage meters are "on a list"

4 weeks ago -

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