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Amy Dickinson 82 -

Ask Amy: I’m tempted by this offer from my frisky prom date

Yesterday -

Ask Amy: I’m worried political divide could ruin a longtime friendship with our neighbor

5 days ago -

Ask Amy: Polyamorous throuple ponders post-pandemic

1 weeks ago -

Ask Amy: I’m in a throuple and need advice on how to handle the holidays

1 weeks ago -

Ask Amy: Friends served spaghetti with foraged mushrooms

2 weeks ago -

Ask Amy: How do I deal with my daughter playing favorites with her two children?

2 weeks ago -

Ask Amy: Mom and grandmother both play favorites

2 weeks ago -

Ask Amy: “Mean” mom has extreme regrets

2 weeks ago -

Ask Amy: I am sometimes a mean mom

2 weeks ago -

Ask Amy: Should I tell my parents I know their secret, and I’m not mad?

2 weeks ago -

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