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Amanda Kooser 29 -

Kanye West ditches extra syllables, officially changes names to 'Ye'

5 days ago -

Planet survives its star's death and gives us a peek at our solar system's future

2 weeks ago -

Giant 'mystery creature' filmed by scientists exploring shipwreck in the Red Sea

2 weeks ago -

Space station astronaut captures rare, ethereal lightning flash in upper atmosphere

2 weeks ago -

NASA spacecraft snaps ghostly image of Jupiter as seen from orbit around our moon

3 weeks ago -

The winds in Jupiter's Great Red Spot are getting faster and furiouser, but scientists aren't sure why yet

4 weeks ago -

It's Fat Bear Week. Who will be crowned Alaska's chonkiest champ? You decide.

4 weeks ago -

US set to declare 23 species extinct, including ivory-billed woodpecker and Little Mariana fruit bat

4 weeks ago -

Anomaly delays NASA Mars helicopter's 14th flight on the red planet, so now we wait

4 weeks ago -

Scientists say AR spiders can help battle arachnophobia through virtual exposure therapy

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