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Alex Henderson 135 -

Democracy is still ‘under attack’ in the US — and authoritarian extremists aren’t backing down: conservative

3 hours ago -

The rise of the 'New Right intellectuals': Political theorist explains how the Trump era warped conservatism

19 hours ago -

Foxconn 'drastically' scales back the Wisconsin project that was a key part of Trump’s 'America first' agenda

Yesterday -

GOP Sen. Kennedy cuts off Stacey Abrams after she buried him in troubling facts about the Georgia voting law

Yesterday -

New report says Matt Gaetz looks like a 'desperate man' who may be 'increasingly isolated'

Yesterday -

Legal experts explain why a lenient sentence for Derek Chauvin is unlikely

2 days ago -

Columnist argues Biden can expose the Republicans' 'monstrous lie' about his presidency

2 days ago -

Biden and Trump actually agree on a policy — and Lindsey Graham can't stand it

3 days ago -

A seedy Trump loyalist tried to stay in government under Biden — it didn't work

3 days ago -

GOP congressman bucks his party by calling for Puerto Rico statehood: 'I think it’s time'

3 days ago -

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