Friday, May 29, 2020
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Inside the home improvement sector: Shoppers flock to Lowe's and Home Depot thanks to stay-at-home orders, spring weather

5 days ago -

Home improvement sales surge during coronavirus pandemic, as Lowe's experiences major jump in in-store and online spending

2 weeks ago -

Hundreds of cruise crew members have been stuck on ships for months, and they say there's no end in sight

4 weeks ago -

Da Vinci's iconic depiction of Easter's beginnings has a violent history it barely survived

last month -

Leaked audio reveals that crew members on Cunard Line's MS Queen Victoria cruise ship off the coast of England have been asked to quarantine in their rooms because of COVID-19 cases on board

last month -

Inside the daily routine of billionaire Bill Gates, who loves to read, tours missile silos, and washes the dishes every night

last month -

The progression of office culture from the 50s to today

last month -

Celebrity Cruises was hit with a lawsuit claiming the cruise line risked crew members' lives during the coronavirus pandemic by allowing parties, mandating ship drills

last month -

Leaked memo reveals cruise industry giant MSC will not be paying some crew members stuck onboard its ships

last month -

All the cruise ships that have had confirmed cases of COVID-19 onboard

last month -

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