Loathed Payment Service PayPal Launches Absurd Attack on Apple Pay

Published: Sep 17, 2014 01:25am EDT
By Rick Rinker, Political Editor for Konsume Technology

Please Note: This article was updated Sep 17, 2014 @ 01:39pm EDT


How PayPal, the loathed name in online payment, became the laughing stock of the internet  this week with its attack on Apple Pay.


When it comes to sending and receiving money online you would be hard pressed to find a more hated brand than PayPal. With an atrocious record from everything to its treatment of employees, security breaches and customer service complaints to the inexplicable suspension of user accounts from small businesses to charities, PayPal is widely held with contempt online.

So it was a bit of a head-scratcher Monday when PayPal took out a full-page ad in the New York Times slamming the newly announced Apple Pay.

The headline read “We the People Want Our Money Safer than Our Selfies”, a nod to the slew of celebrity photos hacked in August, dubbed “The Fappening.” The problem with this assertion by PayPal is that the breach occurred as a result of password vulnerability rather than Apple’s iCloud service.

PayPal Advertising New York TimesFrom an advertising perspective, PayPal fails to properly understand Apple’s die-hard fan base or its own place in the market. It appears the eBay owned payment service believes it can create distrust in a rival by smearing Apple’s name as it enters this new market. The flaw with this logic is that the vast majority of those accepting payments via PayPal do so as a result of little competition, not because the perception of trust exists with its audience.


For Apple's part, the announcement of Apple Pay has been received well in both financial and tech sectors. Its real innovation is its ability to process a transaction without handing over any personal details. This will be groundbreaking in the sense that breaches in a retailer’s database will no longer affect customers’ personal information.

Time will tell if Apple Pay will change the way consumers pay for products, but all indications are this is a very positive move for Apple and consumers nationwide.

As for PayPal, this could spell disaster if a giant such as Apple can do what Google Wallet and even PayPal have failed to do: become the preferred wallet for consumers, credit cards and retailers alike.


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