Would you take Incognito or Martin on your team?

Published: Feb 17, 2014 16:42pm EST
By Jeff Kryglik, Sports Writer for Konsume Sports

Please Note: This article was updated Feb 17, 2014 @ 04:42pm EST


There are no clues as to where Richie Incognito or Jonathan Martin will finish up their NFL careers - if they aren't already over- but there are 31 other potential landing spots outside of Miami where these two lineman could land.

The Dolphins are an organization in disarray, despite going 8-8 last season and missing the playoffs by just a game. The locker room is devoid of leadership as those who were entrusted with the power of holding others accountable for their actions eventually rose up and caused an uproar which created a schism between Incognito and Martin. 

Most sided with Incognito as Martin was deemed "soft" and much easier to dismiss as a weak link. 

The truth is: Both were cancers for the Dolphins.

It's hard to blame Martin for any of this just because he isn't cut from the same fabric as most offensive lineman. He isn't the rough, tough brute that most believe NFL lineman to be. 

He doesn't have to be that way to be productive either, but what happened in that locker room isn't his fault because he didn't stand up for himself. What happened in that locker room was all Incognito and the goons in his posse.

That being said, it will be hard-pressed for any locker room willing to accept either guy as one of their own.

This is going to be like the Michael Sam situation when he makes the journey onto an NFL roster in some shape or form. There will have to be an organization with a stable leadership council at the top that doesn't tolerate such behavior as winning is the most important purpose of being on the franchise above everything else.

Incognito and Martin may be both viewed as selfish by some. They are the two extremes. Incognito is the egomaniac whose desire to make himself feel better than others was more important than winning football games. Keep in mind, he was a Pro Bowl guard in 2012. The guy has some skill. His attitudes seems to get the best of him time and time again. Martin is the contrary. A mild-mannered individual who comes from a better background than most and may be deemed as a "goody two shoes" in the locker room. 

Is it fair to peg this judgment on Martin? No, but it's going to happen with some guys.

There are guy like Martin and Incognito across the league and around the world of sports. Most of the time, we don't hear about such incidents.

It's kind of like a fraternity in college. Hazing, harassment, bullying, etc. always goes on in these kinds of organizations. The same can be said for sports.However, nothing happens to these groups until one "snitch" fesses up and works up enough courage to do the right thing in order to stop the bleeding. 

More often than not, those people are viewed as weak. In some cases, they are. But being helpless to the point of having day-to-day living affected so much that it leads to physical, emotional and mental health issues is when the weak become the strong and rise up.

That being said, Martin will be an outcast wherever he goes as will Incognito. 

Both men will be lucky to ever play football again given the ramifications of this situation. 

Incognito was in a "leadership role" in Miami and looked what came of that. Martin is a former second-round pick and never was able to escape the feeling of being a young player as he was improperly treated in order to "toughen him up". 

All NFL players are tough. The degree of toughness and what truly defines toughness is different for each individual. 

As of right now, Martin is an emotionally and mentally weak person. While he may be capable of physically playing the game of football, he needs to find himself first. He needs to realize that even though he may love the game of football, his own emotional well-being has to be priority over earning a six-figure contract. 

As for Incognito, he will be regarded as "the bully" for the rest of his career and he will deflect the blame onto Martin because he is mentally weak in regards to his self-image. By sending off negative emotions and dispersions in the direction of Martin and the assistant trainer, he shows how truly small he is in society. That's essentially like applying for a job with a few assault and harassment charges on your criminal record and asking why the human resources department deemed you as unfit for the workplace. 

If either of these men find work next season, it will not be for an organization in rebuilding mode because they need to establish a solid base and foundation. It may or may not be a contender who is looking for a player to bolster the depth of the roster, but they may shy away given their current positive locker room vibes.

Regardless of what happens, football should be the last thing on both of these players' minds. Real-life issues are at hand. The money of the NFL will not fix anything when the mind is deranged from such trials and tribulations. 


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