UFC 172: Jones vs. Teixeira Predictions and Analysis

Published: Apr 26, 2014 17:25pm EDT
By Bubbalaska, MMA Editor for Konsume Sports

Please Note: This article was updated Apr 27, 2014 @ 12:22am EDT


As an MMA fan one of my favorite activities is analyzing and making an attempt at predicting the outcome of bouts before they take place. In the case of "UFC 172" we have another stacked main card which provides us with the opportunity to ponder, pontificate and ultimately predict the event, albeit with little success. So, let's get to it... 

This Saturday night the UFC hits the Baltimore Arena with a very interesting and potentially explosive light heavyweight main event in Jon Jones versus Glover Teixeira, another compelling and exciting light heavyweight match up between Phil Davis and Anthony "Rumble" Johnson, a middle-weight match up between the highly favored Luke Rockhold and dangerous underdog Tim "The Barbarian" Boetch, a very competitive, close match up between lightweights Yancy Medeiros and the slightly favored Jim Miller, and another closely matched bout between featherweights Max Holloway and the heavy handed Andre "Touchy" Fili.

We'll start the breakdown with Andre Fili and Max Holloway and work our way up to the main event. 

Max " Blessed" Holloway versus Andre "Touchy Fili:

The always scrappy, slick striker, Max Holloway is coming off a win after two prior losses in the UFC and he's looking to establish himself as one of the key fighters in a stacked featherweight division. However, the slightly favored, well rounded Andre "Touchy" Fili is looking to make his mark in the UFC and a win over Max Holloway would cement his role and provide him with a step up in the 145 lb UFC division. 
In my opinion Max Holloway needs to control the distance and use his crisp striking and solid takedown defense if he's going to stop "Team Alpha Male's" Andre Fili, while Andre is likely looking to control the pace, mix it up and impliment some take downs, slick ground work and either submit or ground and pound his way to a victory. 

My prediction is Andre Fili will win via unanimous decision by implementing some solid clinch work, and set up his takedowns with his striking and vice versa, so as to mix it up and control the pace of the fight for all 3 rounds. 

Jim Miller versus Yancy Medeiros: 

The hard-nosed, submission specialist Jim Miller is looking to build some momentum with a win over Yancy Medeiros. Miller will likely try to push the pace, set up his takedowns with strikes and work for an ealry stoppage over the gritty striker Yancy Medeiros. Miller will need to stay busy, move foward, and use his takedowns and feints to close the gap and move past the reach of Medeiros. 
Yancy Medeiros is a gritty, heavy handed, striker who has a huge opportunity to move up the ranks in the lightweight division with a win over Jim Miller. Yancy will need to control the distance, utilize his reach, takedown defence and pick Miller apart if he's going to stop this always busy opponent. 

My prediction is a 2nd round submission victory for Jim Miller. I think Miller will mix it up with takedowns and feints to set up his striking, stay very busy, move forward, wear his opponent down a bit and ultimately take Medeiros down and work for position to set up and secure a rear naked choke or arm-bar for a victory over Medeiros. 

Luke Rockhold versus Tim "The Barbarian" Boetch:

Many view this to be a lopsided match up between Rockhold and Boetch. Rockhold is a huge favorite in this fight and is considered by many to be a star middleweight UFC prospect. Rockhold is looking for a title shot to prove he is an elite middleweight addition to the UFC's roster, but he must work his way up through the ranks first. He's coming off a KO victory against Costas Phillipou after bouncing back from a gut wrenching KO loss to Vitor Belfort in his previous fight. Luke is looking to maintain the momentum from his last fight and will need to use his height, reach, athleticism and prolific strking to defeat Boetch. 
Tim Boetch is a heavy handed, dangerous middleweight with good clinch work, wrestling and throws. Boetch last fought about 7 months ago where he earned split decision win over CB Dolloway. If Boetch is to win this fight he will need to shake off the ring rust, stay in Rockhold's face, use solid wrestling and land big shots.

My prediction is Tim Rockhold will use his reach, crisp boxing and leg kicks to keep Boetch at a distance and control the pace. Rockhold will ultimately land a couple solid shots and finish him with a flurry where the ref will wave it off for a TKO victory for Tim Rockhold in the 2nd Rd.  

Anthony "Rumble" Johnson versus Phil "Mr. Wonderful" Davis:

This is an interesting match up between two physically gifted athletes/combatants in the UFC's light-heavyweight division. Johnson was released from the UFC after multiple issues with making weight at 170 lbs, so he made a move to middleweight where he suffered a submission loss to Vitor Belfort in January of 2012. To think Johnson was even capable of making 170 lbs was unbelievable, as he's now a rather large light-heavyweight. Johnson has been on a tear in other MMA promotions where he has won 7 straight matches and beat the likes of Andrei Arlovski and Mike Kyle. Johnson is looking to prove he belongs back in the UFC. He posseses very heavy hands, explosive speed and surprisingly good wrestling and ground and pound. However, I don't think his wrestling would be the key to his victory tonight. In order for him to win against Phil Davis, Johnson will have to close the gap, check Davis's leg kicks and use his speed and heavy hands to keep Davis moving backwards with potentially land some big shots to finish Davis on the feet. 
Phil Davis is coming off of 3 victories and most recently defeated Lyota Machida in a unanimous decision. Phil Davis is an excellent wrestler, he has very good takedowns, good leg kicks and he knows how to mix it up to control the pace of the fight. He's a bit better than Johnson at using his height and reach and will need to be in control of the distance tonight if he is to stay away from Johnson's heavy hands. Davis is likely going to try to use takedowns to put Johnson on his back and look for ground and pound, submissions or ride out a 3 round victory. 

My prediction is Anthony "Rumble" Johnson will push the pace and try and chase Davis to land some big shots. I think the fight savvy "Mr. Wonderful" will use his takedowns and leg kicks to keep Johnson at bay during the 1st round until Johnson gasses a little in the 2nd and 3rd, where Davis will repeatedly take him down, blanket him and pepper him with ground and pound to ride out a unanimous decision victory. 

Main Event - Jon "Bones" Jones versus Glover Teixeira: 

Jon Jones is recognized as one of the greatest light heavyweight's and pound for pound fighters to grace the Octagon. Jones posseses an incredible reach, unorthadox, yet highly effective strking, great takedowns, takedown defense, wrestling, submissions, submission defense, cardio, durability, nasty elbows and knees, and to top it off he's an intelligent fighter with great instincts. That being said, his last fight with Gustaffson was highly controversial and it proved that Jones is not invincible in the ring. Many believe that Gustaffson won the 5 round title fight, and if not given the nod he at least deserved a rematch. Jones has been accused of ducking a rematch with Gustaffson, but simply stated that he thinks Gustaffson needs to earn a rematch. Instead, Glover Teixeira was given the opportunity for the belt during tonight's match up. Many believe this to be an easier task for Jones and that the UFC is gifting Jones with this bout. 
Jon "Bones" Jones will need to use his reach, unorthadox, creative strking and solid takedowns, wrestling and position control to win a fight over the dangerous, heavy handed striker in Teixeira.  
Glover Teixeira has won 5 straight fights in the UFC and he posseses very heavy, dangerous hands, vgood jui-jitsu and submissions and he has a tremendous heart and chin. Glover has not yet faced an opponent the caliber of Jones, but he is relishing in the opportunity to take the belt. Glover will need to make this fight a brawl and use his heavy hands to put Jones against the fence and finish him with strikes or set up a takedown where he can attempt to finish him with a submission or ground and pound. This is no easy task with an opponent like Jon Jones, but Glover Teixeira posseses the tools to stop anyone if he gets his hands going. 

My prediction for this bout will definitely go against the grain as Jones is big favorite, but I believe Teixeira will win this bout. I think he will make the fight with Jones sloppy, turn it into a brawl, put Jones on the fence and finish him with heavy strikes for a TKO stoppage in the 2nd or 3rd round.

In conclusion, we should be in for an exciting night of fights with this stacked UFC card in Baltimore, Maryland. My predictions are brazen at best and to be completely honest I'm often surprised and wrong about the results for most MMA events. However, it's always fun to provide a little analysis and make some bold predictions to see if I come close to the mark. Leave a comment and let us know what you think...



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