Top 5 Observations From Superbowl XLVIII

Published: Feb 03, 2014 12:17pm EST
By shaunmerritt, Entertainment/Sports Writer for Konsume Sports

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Superbowl XLVIII was disappointing to say the least. It did not live up to the hype, but that does not mean it was void of interesting moments. While most of us were cringing at the thought of how every point spread bet and office pool were being thrown into utter chaos, I was actually enjoying the things that usually go unnoticed by most people. So to send the 2013 NFL season off into the sunset, at least until the draft, here are my top 5 observations from Superbowl XLVIII.


#5 - The Halftime Show

Say what you want about Bruno Mars or the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but they put on one hell of a show. The set was great, the songs were great, and even the military personnel dedicating the final song to their loved ones was an amazing touch. It was a refreshing change from the big name, shock and awe, trying to be edgy halftime shows the NFL has put on stage before. It was about being entertaining with good music. Well done.


#4 - The Coin Toss

Can all agree that Joe Namath should not be put on live TV anymore? I did not think it would be possible to top the botched coin toss of the 1998 Thanksgiving game between the Steelers and Lions, but man was I wrong. How is it possible to mess up such a simple thing as tossing a coin in the air?  It is not like they have not done this a thousand times before. Was it just Joe or the ref being nervous? Who knows, but we all can agree on one thing.... what the heck is up with that coat?!?!


#3 - Twelve Seconds

A lot of us were thinking there would be exciting plays with one team scoring fast and often. What we did not anticipate is that it would be the Seahawks doing the scoring. You could not ask for a better start the two halves of a football game if you were a Seattle fan. Whether it was trying to change the play at the line or kicking the ball short to avoid a big play, Denver just could not get going on the right foot. If you can not execute the two most fundamental plays in the NFL, you have no shot at winning. 


#2 - Defense Wins the Game

Every headline before the game was about how the #1 ranked offense was going up against the #1 defense. Everyone knew it would be epic, but no one had it coming out lopsided. The Broncos came out flat and unable to respond to the Seattle's pass rush. They got in Manning's face, knocked him around and kept him of balance. It was a clinic of defensive beauty, at least to everyone except Denver fans. As good as Peyton is, the league is geared toward the mobile quarterback and if Peyton is anything, he is not mobile. 


#1 - The NFL's Love of All Things Manning

Did the Fox script call for every time something big happens, they would cut to a shot of Peyton Manning? If you were playing a drinking game about how every time Peyton was shown on the sidelines, you probably would be dead from alcohol poisoning. I do not usually buy into league bias that much, but this one was way to obvious to deny. I am certain that were so convinced that the Broncos would win that they had a Peyton Manning post game highlight reel ready to air with comparisons to John Elway abound. There is no denying that Peyton is the face of the NFL and easily the "safest" ambassador to represent the sport, but he is 1-2 in the Super Bowl and 11-12 overall in the playoffs. With young superstars like Foles, Newton, Luck , Wilson and Kaepernick emerging; maybe it is time for them to start branding their product with someone else. 


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