Super Bowl XLVIII: What Must Go Right and What Can Go Wrong

Published: Feb 02, 2014 14:59pm EST
By JLangley4, Sports Writer for Konsume Sports

Please Note: This article was updated Feb 02, 2014 @ 02:59pm EST


This Super Bowl match-up provides a unique battle between the best offense in the league and the best defense. There are individual match-ups within the game that should catch the eye of the viewer as well, providing for one of the most anticipated games in recent memory. Here, we will look at what must go right for each team to be successful, and what could go wrong, which could ultimately cost them the game.

Denver Broncos:

What Must Go Right

Peyton Manning must take care of the ball, something he is known for doing throughout his career. If you'll notice throughout his playoff career, though, the games his teams falter in are games where he isn't careful with the ball. With the Seattle secondary being as dangerous as it is, Manning will have to pick and choose his spots to be aggressive and force the ball. One bad decision could cost his team the game, depending on how the game is going.

The Broncos must speed up the tempo, which sounds ridiculous, but it is true. The Seattle Seahawks want to control the clock and make you play at their pace, relying on their defense to hold the opposing offense down, and score when the opportunity presents itself. The Broncos must move the ball down the field and keep the tempo at their pace, in turn wearing down the Seahawks defense. Of course, the Broncos defense will play a large role in this, as they will need to force quick possessions from the Seahawks offense.

What Could Go Wrong

Peyton Manning would be off in this game, and that would be the worst possible scenario for the Broncos. Don't expect this to happen, but anything could happen, and this is a slight, even if it is the smallest, possibility. Manning must bring his "A" game to Met-Life Stadium for the Broncos to win this game.

The defense could also wear down and not play like they have the past couple of weeks. Overall, in the regular season, the Broncos defense left a lot to be desired, relying on the offense to put up a lot of points. In the playoffs, this has not been the case, but the Broncos cannot afford a lapse from the defense now. Not on the biggest stage. If the defense lapses, the Broncos could be in trouble.

Seattle Seahawks

What Must Go Right

The Seahawks must establish their pace-of-play, and stick to it. The Seahawks will not win games with Russell Wilson needing to out-gun the opposing quarterback, and they shouldn't start now. The Seahawks win games by pounding the rock, and establishing time of possession. Expect that to be the case against the Broncos, as they will make them try to stop Marshawn Lynch.

The defense for Seattle cannot get caught up in Peyton Manning's head games. He will change the play, and try to mess with the defense through dummy calls. The Seahawks like to play straight-up man-coverage with two safeties deep, and nothing less should be expected in this game. The front seven must control their gaps while getting solid pressure on Manning, relying on their stout secondary to get the job done.

What Can Go Wrong

Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker, and Julius Thomas present a match-up nightmare for any secondary, but the Seahawks secondary has the ability to match up nicely. If the secondary doesn't play tight coverage and the pass rush can't get to Manning, it will be a nightmare for the Seahawks. Their offense is not built to come back from large deficits, and the Broncos offense is built to get ahead early and hold on to large leads. If the Seahawks don't control the Broncos offense early, they could be in trouble.


This game is the perfect match-up between the league's two best teams, and will truly provide a test for each team and their styles of play. The best of the best will take each other on in a battle to decide supremacy in the league.


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