Sour Grapes: Ian Kinsler Edition

Published: Mar 04, 2014 17:13pm EST
By shaunmerritt, Entertainment/Sports Writer for Konsume Sports

Please Note: This article was updated Mar 04, 2014 @ 06:11pm EST


"Daniels is a sleazeball," Ian Kinsler said in ESPN The Magazine's March 17 Conspiracy Issue about Texas Rangers' GM Jon Daniels. "To be honest with you, I hope they go 0-162. I got friends, and I love my friends, but I hope they lose their ass." 

Kinsler is now claiming those remarks were taken out of context and the article was written for drama. Well Ian "to be honest with you," I hope you understand that in "context," you just made yourself look like a major asshole. 

Ian Kinsler is, or at least he was, one of my favorite Texas Rangers. He never got into trouble, worked hard and was part of a team that went to two straight World Series. When he got traded, I was a little sad because he was a player that could still contribute to this team getting back to the World Series. Getting a player like Prince Fielder made the trade a little easier to swallow, but it was a little sad to see him go like Michael Young before him. Unlike Josh Hamilton or C.J. Wilson, I would have gladly cheered Kinsler when he came back to play against the Rangers, but not anymore. 

I originally thought it would have been difficult to insult a fan base or an organization more than when Josh Hamilton accused the DFW area of not being a "baseball town," but boy was I wrong. What Kinsler said was much, much worse. 

He continued on saying, "It's weird. In the past four years, Texas has been at the top, but no one says, 'What a great organization.'" Um... yes Ian, they do. Texas has developed one of the best farm systems in all of baseball. They have done this by making key trades and drafting well. You should know this because the Rangers drafted you. Remember that?

What this whole things boils down to is that Kinsler was just not happy in Texas. He was comfortable playing in other players' shadows and could not handle the pressure of being a team leader. Ever since Michael Young was traded, Kinsler has done very little in stepping up to help the organization. When the team asked him to move to first base so they could call up young star Jurickson Porfar, he refused, even after getting a huge contract extension from the Rangers. When asked about this in the ESPN article Ian said, "These guys gotta earn it; that's what I did. I was a 17th-round pick, so there was zero coddling. I had to put myself on the prospect map." That might be true Ian, but if you recall... you were drafted three times, not just once. Your talent was well recognized by more than just one team. Oh and by the way, the Rangers traded Alfonso Soriano to make a spot for you in the starting lineup, so you really shouldn't be barking about guys "earning it" should you?

ESPN would finish off the article by asking Kinsler about joining the Detroit Tigers. He said, "In Texas, it was almost like my team. I go to Detroit, and it's Miggy's team, it's Verlander's team. I'm just a ballplayer. I can just go play and have fun." Well Ian I guess we owe you an apology. We should not have expected you to step up and take leadership of this team. Apparently, the team and fans' faith in your talent and ability was clearly misplaced. I guess it was a good thing we traded you instead of Elvis Andrus huh?

All is well though. Texas signed some key free agents this year and, despite some injuries to the pitching staff, they will be competitive for many, many years. Besides, from now on when we see Prince Fielder pop up, the ball will travel to the home run porch in right field, not only as far as second base like Ian Kinsler had done so many times before. Good bye and good riddance.  


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