Pacquiao Avenges Prior Loss, Tops Bradley in Unanimous Decision

Published: Apr 13, 2014 05:07am EDT
By Michael Owen, Sports Writer for Konsume Sports

Please Note: This article was updated Apr 13, 2014 @ 09:55pm EDT


(LAS VEGAS) -- For the 2nd time in the past 21 months Manny Pacquiao went the full 12 rounds with defending WBO Welterweight Champion Tim Bradley and left the decision in the hands of the judges.

This time he did not come away disappointed.

Pacquiao, a native of the Philippines, lost to Bradley in June 2012 that many, Pacquiao included, felt was highly controversial and went the wrong way. Saturday night in front of a capacity crowd of 15,601 at the MGM Grand Hotel, Pacman avenged that loss in typical Pacquiao fashion.

While stranger things have happened and it’s never safe to let a fight go to the cards (see: Bradley/Pacquiao I) this fight was won in convincing fashion as Pacquiao (now 56-5-2 with 38 KO’s) controlled this fight from the 6th round on, while Bradley (31-1 12 KO’s) spent the latter half of the fight on the defensive.

The first few rounds were quite the tossup with plenty of action.  The first round was fought fairly evenly as both tried to be the aggressor but nobody actually coming out with an actual edge.  The 2nd and 3rd round were fairly even as well but with Pacquiao being more active, he seemingly got the nod for those rounds.

The tide seemed to change for Bradley in the 4th round as he appeared to be the aggressor, hitting Pacquiao with shots that he usually wouldn’t get by. Pacquiao spending most of the 4th and 5th backing up, trying to get away from Bradley’s jabs got hit early and often and took many heavy shots while standing straight up while backing out.

Pacquiao took over in the 6th.  In a complete reversal of the previous two rounds, Bradley was the one backing up. While it didn’t seem as though Pacquiao really took advantage of it, he did however dictate the pace of the round. Defensively Bradley, did a good jobn of dodging some bullets but the round clearly belonged to Pac as he showed  the ring generalship of the 35 year old battle tested fighter that he is.

The 7th thru the 9th rounds got really strange if you’re a Bradley fan as he spent most of his time backing up, taking himself into the corner and inviting Pacquiao to come in and get him.  Pacman picked his moments and was quite successful in connecting on many as Bradley seemingly ate many of Pacquiao’s big shots. For some unknown reason, Bradley also spent most of these 3 rounds taunting Pacquiao while throwing in some unwelcome showboating that caused most of the pro-Pacquiao fans in attendance to rain down boos, yet only follow it up with delightful cheers as Pacquiao connected on punch after punch.

Pacman took over this fight during the 7th thru 9th as Bradley seemed to have no strategy but to try and show how good his defense was while trying to win over the judges with his ability to try and show up Pacquiao.  While Bradley was at times quite swift on his feet and was at times quite effective defensively he was not doing any scoring while waiting on big overhand shots to try and connect, punches that never did meet their target.

The 10th round belonged to Pacquiao as well.  Able to pick his moments he was able to connect on punches with surgeon-like skill, dominating the round and setting the pace.

In the 11th, Bradley, possibly realizing he might be behind on the scorecards, stopped with his showboating ways and began to box. After telling the world prior to the fight that he was going to go for the knockout, due to the controversy that stemmed from their first fight, he had some success when he boxed.  While Pacquiao came out the aggressor in the round, Bradley showed the ability to command when he got serious.

With the fight seemingly already decided, the 12th round while not exactly epic was quite entertaining as both fighters went toe to toe.  With Bradley’s corner likely knowing their fighter was behind, implored Bradley to go for the knockout. Bradley came out as the aggressor and Pacquiao not wanting to send another decision to the cards traded punches for the first 2 minutes of the round with equal intensity.  The fight came to an anti-climactic buzzkill end with 30 seconds left as Pacquiao suffered a severe cut by what seemed to be a head-butt. After a brief timeout, Pacquiao returned to the fight and closed it out strong with a flurry of punches that seemingly solidified his victory.

The crowd, having already seen Pacquiao lose a fight to Bradley that many thought he had won, waited with baited breath for the scores. The judges scored the fight a unanimous 118-110, 116-112 and 116-112 for the new WBO Welterweight Champion Pacquiao, returning the belt to the 19 year ring veteran.

The 30 year old Bradley who claimed after the fight that he had suffered a calf injury early on was somewhat gracious in defeat.  “Manny was the better fighter tonight. No disrespect, but just tonight” Bradley said afterwards.

With Hall of Fame credentials already in hand, the future holds some uncertainty for Pacquiao. While impressive in this win against a fighter in his prime, but also based on this performance, it would seem unlikely that Pacquiao could defeat Floyd Mayweather. There would, however, be a strong market for a third fight with Bradley and there’s many asking for a fifth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez as well, but there’s no telling what the future holds for him.

“My job is to fight whoever the promoters set me up with, their job is to get the fights, but my job is to fight” said Pacquiao.

Pacquiao added to his Hall of Fame resume with the big win on Saturday and feels he still has some left in the tank. “I thank God for the victory He gave me tonight. My journey in boxing will continue” Pacquiao stated post fight. “I think I can go for two more years.”

If history is any indication, he can box on his own terms now.



Konsume’s unofficial scorecard

















9 (19)

9 (28)

10 (38)

10 (48)

9 (57)

9 (66)

9 (75)

9 (84)

9 (93)

10 (103)

9 (112)




10 (19)

10 (29)

9 (38)

9 (47)

10 (57)

10 (67)

10 (77)

10 (87)

10 (97)

9 (106)

10 (116)



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    That was a good fight! -

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