No Excuses: Ray Rice

Published: Feb 21, 2014 10:56am EST
By JLangley4, Sports Writer for Konsume Sports

Please Note: This article was updated Feb 21, 2014 @ 10:56am EST


Violence is never the answer. Drunk, sober, angry, calm, there is no excuse. Especially when you factor in the recipient of the violence is a woman.

Ray Rice is most known for his glory with the Baltimore Ravens, where he has had 1,000 yard rushing seasons, touchdowns galore, and a resume of off the field activities against bullying that paints a beautiful picture of a man who has a high morale compass.

Unfortunately, Rice went against his own practices and physically assaulted his fiance, to the shock of everyone. Rice is not a bad person. This is completely out of character for him, and no one should assume this is the person he truly is at this point of his life. Everyone makes mistakes, and for this being Rice's first run-in with the law, the legal process will take its course, as will the process of a potential suspension from the league.

With all of this being said, there is no excuse that can be made for Rice's actions. Many have argued that his finace spit on him, starting the fiasco. While that may be true, and she is in the wrong, this does not validate laying your hands on a woman, especially one you claim to love. This isn't to dispute whether or not Rice loves his fiance, this is a case of a stupid decision in the heat of anger.

In a world where people are upset with Jonathan Martin for not fighting Richie Incognito for bullying him, allowing yourself to get heated to the point of physical violence is what leads to these types of situations. People would rather throw a punch to prove a point rather than doing the adult thing and walking away. If people would learn to handle situations the correct way, violence wouldn't play such a prudent part in American society.

Maybe this is too idealistic. Maybe this is a pipe dream. The fact of the matter is violence solves very little, other than a short sensation of good-feeling and a rap sheet in the counties police department.

Rice has a lot of explaining to do, if the facts do indeed come out that he assaulted a woman. There is no excuse. Rice has no excuse for his actions, if that is indeed what took place. It is reported that the police have the elevator footage of him hitting her, and he will appear in court at a later time after postponement. It rings as simple as this: Ray Rice, there is no excuse for your actions.


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