New Coordinators Again for Dallas

Published: Feb 05, 2014 10:38am EST
By Steven Baer, Sports Writer for Konsume Sports

Please Note: This article was updated Feb 05, 2014 @ 10:50am EST


The past three years the Dallas Cowboys have gone 8-8, and to keep trends going this will be the third straight year that the Cowboys have changed both the offensive and defensive coordinator. 

The Cowboys have decided that just one year with Monte Kiffin running the defense and Bill Callahan being the play caller is enough.  Rod Marinelli who was the defensive line coach last year is now the defensive coordinator.  Scott Linehan who was the Detroit Lions offensive coordinator last year will now do the same for the Cowboys.  Kiffin has been given a new position, assistant head coach and assistant defensive coach.  Kiffin will now just be the old coach walking around and dropping knowledge when he sees fit.  Bill Callahan will stay on as offensive line coach which does seem a little fitting since the offensive line improved greatly from the year before.

Head coach Jason Garrett has a history working with Scott Linehan.  Linehan hired Garrett to be the quarterbacks coach in Miami while he was the offensive coordinator.  Clearly Garrett has a comfortable feeling working with Linehan.  With Garrett coming off three pure definition of average seasons he will be coaching for his job next year and wants a guy he knows very well.  Garrett did not appear comfortable with his offensive coordinator at times last year. 

No one really knows who was actually calling plays after the Cowboys bye week where Jason Garrett started holding the play sheet on the sidelines and then called the plays into quarterback Tony Romo.  Garrett would say during the second half of the season that Callahan would call the play into Garrett and then he would relay it to Romo.  Sounds like too much work to get a play in.

Rod Marinelli was brought in with Kiffin to help this 3-4 defense for the past 10 years transform into a 4-3.  Three years before coming to Dallas Marinelli was running bascially the same defense for the Chicago Bears, which he learned a lot about from Kiffin when they worked together in Tampa Bay back in the late 90’s. In those three years Marinelli’s defense was in the top 3 in turnovers every year and one of the league’s best at points allowed.  Charles Tillman, cornerback, of the Chicago Bears has called Marinelli the best defensive coordinator in the league.  Marinelli will probably call a more aggressive game then what Kiffin did last year but the main scheme and design of the defense won’t be changing much at all.

“That balance” that Jason Garrett likes to talk about with his offense appears to stay on the pass heavy side going into 2014.  Last year Linehan’s offense with the Lions ranked sixth in total offense but ranked 17th in rushing.  Linehan has experience in working with a good quarterback-receiver duo, having Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson last year.  Tony Romo and Dez Bryant are one of the league’s best duo’s themselves and maybe Linehan can help them put up huge numbers in the passing game. 

Linehan did have Reggie Bush rush for over 1,000 yards last year in his offense, but make no mistake he is a pass first kind of guy.  Linehan should take notice of how well the Cowboys ran the ball at the end of last year.  In the last five games of the year only LeSean McCoy had a higher yards per rush than DeMarco Murray. 

Jason Garrett knows he can't afford to have a fourth straight non-winning season.  He has been given the power to make these decisions but it comes off a little dysfunctional when guys get demoted instead of fired.  These same guys still have a voice in how things are done and it might just be too many cooks in the kitchen having their hands in this mess.        


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