Greg Norman Better Than Tiger Woods?

Published: Dec 10, 2013 19:17pm EST
By JLangley4, Sports Writer for Konsume Sports

Please Note: This article was updated Dec 10, 2013 @ 07:24pm EST


Greg Norman is known for being honest and unapologetic with what he says, but this time, he may have gone a little overboard in saying he would beat Tiger Woods.

When discussing the best golfers of all time, two names come to mind: Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods. This is very rarely up for debate. These two have dominated the sport, and Woods is still battling on the course, and seemingly improving after a swing change a few years ago in the midst of off-the-course transgressions.

The only topic up for debate is whether or not Woods is better in his overall career than Nicklaus, and until Woods approaches the 18 major mark, many will continue to say Nicklaus, and rightfully so. For Norman to insert his name into the pool, to many, is asinine.

Take a look at Norman's career marks. He has 20 career PGA Tour wins, with two of those being majors. Norman has amassed 89 career wins around the world, with a great majority of those coming in his home country of Australia.

Now compare this to Tiger Woods. Woods has won 79 PGA Tour titles. That is ten less than that of Norman, just on the PGA Tour. 14 of those are major championships.Worldwide, Woods has won 106 times, 17 more times than Norman. Woods doesn't particularly like to travel and play outside of the United States anymore, so he generally keeps his playing to the PGA Tour, which makes sense.

So, 12 more major titles, 59 more PGA Tour wins, and 16 more worldwide wins says Woods is superior to Norman. Now, Norman may not have meant that he was better than Woods, but he didn't clarify his comments. He noted that Woods was "mentally tough" but so was he, and that he would probably beat him.

In regards to beating him, there is a good chance Norman could clip Woods in a single tournament, but the odds are not very good, considering what each player is known for. While Woods is known for being one of the best closers of all time in the game of golf, Norman is known as one of the biggest chokers, not known for winning when it mattered most.

While Norman is a talented golfer, he is not close to the plateau of Woods and Nicklaus, and inserting his name into the conversation is of poor judgment. It may be best for Norman to lay low for a bit, as the reactions aren't going to be pretty.


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