Did Jason Garrett Sabotage Wade Phillips?

Published: Mar 18, 2014 11:26am EDT
By Steven Baer, Sports Writer for Konsume Sports

Please Note: This article was updated Mar 18, 2014 @ 11:32am EDT


Last week Wade Phillips pointed out to everyone on twitter that through 56 games he had a better record as a head coach then Jason Garrett, Wade was 34-22, and Garrett 29-27.

Wade’s tweet has brought up the bad memories of that 2010 season when the team started 1-7, and also has some former Cowboys from that season talking.

On 105.3 the fan's Ben and Skin show former receivers Patrick Crayton and Jesse Holley talked about some of the unusual situations that happened during the Wade and Garrett era.

According to Holley, the offense was wondering why they were running a vanilla offense in week one of the regular season than they were running in the preseason.  Holley also mentioned that there would be times that defensive backs would yell out the routes the receivers would be running before the play even started.  He said, “It wasn’t like they were guessing, they would literally back off and go to where we would be going.”

The Cowboys started that year 1-7, and through those first 8 games averaged 20 points per game.  Wade was fired after the Cowboys blow-out loss to Green Bay.  According to Holley, right after Wade was fired Garrett handed out new offensive playbooks.  “We were taking more chances.  It was different, it was more explosive,” Holley said.  The Cowboys ended up going 5-3, the last eight games of the year averaging 29 points per game.  The success the offense had in the second half of the year was with back-up quarterback Jon Kitna playing for injured Tony Romo.  It does seem a little strange that the offense was more explosive after Wade was fired and while the backup quarterback was starting. 

Why would an offensive coordinator make his offense look bad on purpose?  Did Wade Phillips want Jason Garrett to run a more conservative offense?  Why would Garrett come out with a new playbook the day after Wade got fired?

Both Holley and Crayton talked about the awkward separation that happened between the offense and the defense.  Crayton said there were practices that Garrett tried to keep the offense longer than what Wade wanted and when Wade would end practice this would make Garrett upset.  Crayton mentioned that Garrett reported directly to Jerry Jones, and not Wade.  Crayton believes that Garrett caused the awkward separation on the team on purpose to push Wade out the door.

Garrett turned down head coaching positions in both Baltimore and Atlanta before the 2010 season.  Maybe Garrett saw the opportunity to become head coach of the Cowboys and knew Wade wouldn't make it past the 2010 season. 

If all these things are true maybe Wade deserved to get fired even more.  A head coach should always have control of his team and should not let them be divided or let a coach on his staff go rouge without any communication. 



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