David Moyes - Wrong Piece, Wrong Puzzle.

Published: Apr 22, 2014 18:18pm EDT
By Jason Bardwell, Sports Writer for Konsume Sports

Please Note: This article was updated Apr 22, 2014 @ 06:18pm EDT


The internet and social media were alight on Easter Monday with a rumor that Manchester United boss, David Moyes, was due to be sacked. It has not been lost, pretty much all season, that a certain section of Manchester United fans are not happy with this season and Manchester United’s progression under the new man.


There is to be no European football at Old Trafford next season and that, along with the League position, is not going down well at all. Fans are pointing to the fact that the club is too big for Moyes, he is out of his depth and has bitten off more than he can chew. Based on this one season alone, it would be hard to argue. However, I would point out that not backing the manager at this crucial time could put Manchester United’s rebuild further behind schedule, and here’s why.


You have a manager who has not won any trophies, never been really tested in Europe and has come from a series of smaller clubs. A reasonably young manager in charge of a massive club with worldwide appeal and the most likely finishing position is 7th. Certainly not what people in the red half of Manchester would like to be reminded of, especially with a big rival, Liverpool about to win the title.


But rewind the clock a bit more than a year and you would have heard a similar chorus of disapproval from the Liverpool fans about their Manager. Back then Brendan Rodgers was accused of not having the caliber to take on a job like Liverpool and the Liverpool fans were looking at no European football and finished 7th.


Incidentally United are currently only four points away from Liverpool’s total last season while Liverpool are three wins away from United’s total from the same time. The Liverpool board backed their young manager in the transfer market and now they are reaping the rewards. Champions League is guaranteed right now and the Premiership title is within their grasp. Imagine if the Fenway Group had buckled under fans pressure and fired Brendan Rodgers a year ago. The fact is that football fans are a fickle lot and the same man who was the devil last season can be the savior the next, this morning however, we awoke to find there had not been smoke without fire, and that David Moyes had indeed been let go.


I think the Manchester United board should have stayed strong in spite of the fans fury and back David Moyes with a significant investment in the summer then they too will get their reward next season. Many players are leaving through retirement and transfer and no matter who the manager would have been at Manchester United at the time many players need to come in.


I think the United players have to take their fair share of blame for this season and if, as I suspect, the players didn’t want Moyes as Manager then their mind set could now be that their job is done and so training should be fun this week.


Ryan Giggs, probably one of those dissenting voices in the dressing room, is now in charge until the end of the season. First up is a home game against Norwich and I think you will see just how much the players hindered David Moyes by looking at how much better they are in their last four games. Meanwhile Moyes can sit back and know that if the players do kick it up a notch be vindicated in the fact that the world can now see the players were not playing for him. If they continue to flop, on the other hand, he can also take some satisfaction that the squad is aging and desperately needs an overhaul.


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