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Published: Dec 30, 2013 05:00am EST
By Michael Owen, Sports Writer for Konsume Sports

Please Note: This article was updated Dec 30, 2013 @ 06:28am EST


(Arlington, TX:) Cowboys vs Eagles Timeline

7:15 pm CST: 20 minutes to kickoff.  Crowd is still coming in. Jerry Jones doing his best at being an NBA team owner and giving away white shirts for the ever popular "White Out" for this win or go home challenge on National television. Stay here for up to the moment coverage.

(Side note: the Cowboys home record is only 22-17 since the opening of JerryWorld

7:25p - You know there's a lot of talk about the Cowboys starting a backup in veteran Kyle Orton, but there's been nothing said about the fact that Eagles starter Nick Foles came into the season as a backup and is only in his second year in the NFL

7:36p - Not a bad start for the Cowboys offense despite the turnover.  Doing what they need to do to win this game.  Ball control will win it as long as they keep from turning the bsll over

7:40p - Cowboys defense now has a chance to make a statement.  Third and long they give up a big pass play that puts the Eagles in Cowboys territory

7:43p - Third and 19 and the Eagles come up with a big pass that puts them in Field Goal range. Henery drills it.  Eagles capitalize on the turnover and go up 3-0

7:53p - Cowboys pick up some yards but end up punting. Pin the Eagles inside the 15. Eagles come right out and pick up 2 first downs despite 3rd and longs.

8:00p - Eagles continue to move the ball despite many self inflicted errors. End of the 1st quarter, Eagles up 3-0 and driving.

8:04p - 2 passes and the Eagles go up 10-0 to start the 2nd quarter.  Cowboys need to keep their defense off the field. An offensive TD on the upcoming drive could settle the mood in the stadium real quick

8:12p - Again the Cowboys offense gets stifled. Another punt. The crowd seems to be completely out of the game.

8:15p - Cowboys finally make a stop.  They get another chance to bring the crowd back on offense.

8:22p - Cowboys drive down the field aided by a huge 39 reception from Dallas local Terrance Williams.  Amazing catch by fellow rookie Gavin Escobar out of San Diego State to close the gap to 10-7 Eagles.  Another big defensive stop and we might have ourselves a ballgame.

8:28p - Another stop by the Cowboys defense and another mental error by the Eagles on the punt.  Cowboys get the ball back with decent field position.

8:34p - 2 minute warning and the Cowboys are driving.  Taking the lead or at the very least having a tie at the half could make this interesting.  Eagles get the ball to start the 2nd half.

8:38p - The air is let out of the building as Cowboy TE Jason Witten has a ball boounce off of himm and into the hands of an Eagle defender.

8:39p - 2 blown coverages in a row and Eagles TE Brent Celek goes in for another Eagles TD. 1:19 left in the half.

8:48p - Nice job by Orton to move the ball down the field.  Witten makes a coouple of big catches but the Cowboys stall at the 25.  Dan Bailey kicks a 44 yarder to make it a 1 possesion game going to the half. Eagles go to the room with a 17-10 lead and getting the ball to start the 2nd half.

Turnovers have been the difference in the game so far.  Dallas has turned it over twice (resulting in 10 points) while the Eagles haven't turned it over yet.  Cowboys defense has made some stops when they've needed to but have not yet had a big time game changing play yet.

The Cowboys cannot afford turnovers in the 2nd half and must play flawless football the rest of the way.  

In my book Kyle Orton gets a grade of a B for his first half play.  He hasn't made any mistakes and for the most part has been able to move the ball.  The turnovers by DeMarco Murray and (for the most part) Jason Witten has hamstrung the Cowboys.

A 3 and out or a turnover to start the 2nd half by the Dallas D could really change the momentum quick.

9:06p - Cowbooys get the 3 and out but yet they continue to give up big plays after making big plays.  A nice 15 play 8 minute drive would do some good right now.

9:15p - Nice drive by the Cowboys but only come away with a field goal. At this stage of the game, points matter.  Another defensive stop or a turnover is desperately needed right now.

9:23p - it was just a matter of time. HUGE turnover.  Cowboys MUST come away with 7 points here though

9:26p - Cowboys only come away with a field goal but close the gap to 17-16

9:30p - Cowboys D comes up with another great stop and a 3 and out.  Another good chance for a time consuming drive.

9:34p - 3 and out by Dallas coupled with a nice punt return by DeShaun Jackson puts the Eagles in a nice position to make a move

9::43p - Eagles go on a nice drive but Dallas D stands tall while making a stop on 4th and goal from the 1.  Bruce Carter finally did something good this year. 

Cowboys come out with 2 bigs plays to move them out past the 20. End of the 3rd quarter Eagles up 17-16.  

9:50p - Cowboys going for it on 4th and 1 from the Eagles 40.  My guess is they'll pass when they should be running it.

9:51p - sure enough the Cowboys try to get too cute and pass it.  Critical coaching error by Garrett & Callahan.  Cowboys have been pretty solid running the ball tonight (as well as the last 8 weeks)

9:55p - Point made.  3rd and 1 and the Eagles run it, pick up the first down.  Basic, football strategy.

9:58p - Second 3rd & 1 and the Eagles run it again.  First Down. One play later Eagles go up 24-16.  Turns out the Eagles get the long time consuming drve in this game.

10:04p - if you're a Cowboys fan there's 6 minutes left in the season.  Time to prove themselves down by 8

10:06p - TERRIBLE call by the officials screw the Cowboys and put them in a hole.  Now have to go for it on 4th and long. Big screw up. 

10:10p - Officials get off the hook with Dez Bryant coming up huge on a 4th and 9. Terrible decision by the Eagles DC Bill Davis to take out his safties. 2 point conversion no good.  Orton missed an openm Witten.

Cowboys need a 3 and out.  One timeout and a 2 minute warning left.

10:16p - Cowboys get the 3 and out.  Brilliant move by Foles to take the sack and not throw it away. 2 minute warning

10:19p - no major return by Harris....Cowboys need 40 yards to get in FG position

10:20p - WOW!!! Quick end to the game. Orton gets picked on 1st down. Played more than adequate the entire game (30-46 348 yards passing) but underthrows Miles Austin with the game on the line.  Twitterworld is about to say the game got Romo-ed 


1 2 3 4 T
PHI 3 14 0 7 24
DAL 0 10 6 6 22

                                                     PHI     DAL

1st Downs 21 21

Passing 1st downs

12 16

Rushing 1st downs

9 4

1st downs from Penalties

0 1

3rd down efficiency

5-13 3-11

4th down efficiency

0-1 1-2
Total Plays 66 64
Total Yards 366 417
Yards per play 5.5 6.5
Total Drives 13 12
Passing 229 358

Comp - Att

17-27 30-46

Yards per pass

8.5 7.8

Interceptions thrown

0 2

Sacks - Yards Lost

5-34 0-0
Rushing 137 59

Rushing Attempts

34 18

Yards per rush

4.0 3.3
Red Zone (Made-Att) 3-4 1-2
Penalties 6-50 1-5
Turnovers 1 3

Fumbles lost

1 1

Interceptions thrown

0 2
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0
Possession 29:43 30:17


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